Vet Water PH Balanced Cat Water (4L)

Vet Water PH Balanced Cat Water (4L)

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Using a unique process, VETWATER has developed
CATWATER – Urinary Formula to help prevent
urinary problems in cats.

Its formulation is based on a preventative approach,
as recommended by research in veterinary medicine,
which relies on 3 pillars of intervention:

  Helps increase water  
  consumption in cats      

CATWATER is ozonated and chlorine-free with a light rate of acidity which encourages cats to drink more

   Helps promote an ideal urinary pH   

CATWATER has a perfectly balanced pH between 6.2 and 6.4 that suits cats need

   Helps minimise the presence of   
   the minerals responsible for causing    
   crystals and stones in the bladder    

CATWATER contains no minerals associated to urinary problems